“Northern Kentucky On-Line”

(859) 372-0940

NKOL was started in 1996 by Ben Townsend as a resource for all home computer needs. Over the course of the next three years it evolved into a networking and business computer company, serving companies across the greater Cincinnati area. In 2001, Ben Townsend hired Ben Hanks to do service calls and maintain the client relationships. In 2006 the company was purchased from Ben Townsend by Ben Hanks. In January 2019 David Gautraud (with NKOL since 2003) became a full partner with Ben Hanks.  Today NKOL continues to be a leader in the computer industry by consistently staying ahead of the technology curve. Our technicians offer prompt and thorough service. We work with customers ranging from law firms and banks to police departments and churches, with hundreds of other customers as well. Please contact us to see what NKOL can do for your business.