Outfitting your company with the right equipment.

You can rely on NKOL’s staff to set up your company with the equipment that will increase efficiency and productivity. When choosing a new server or new PC’s, NKOL will work with your company to determine the best hardware and software to meet your needs. NKOL also provides software solutions and offers unmatched technical support to make sure your system is dependable and downtime is kept to a minimum.

Workstations and Desktops

NKOL was started as a manufacturer and designer of custom built computer workstations and desktops. These many years later, customers continue to come back to NKOL for our top quality computer systems. Whether you need one system or fifty, NKOL can deliver. NKOL is a proud distributor of both Intel processor systems.


If your needs are more than a couple of desktop machines, NKOL also provides custom built server machines. If your needs are modest, we offer a value server. If you really need a lot of power and space, we offer a fully customizable power server. All NKOL servers feature Intel processors.


Networks can be fairly simple and straight forward and they can also be very complicated. Whether you are setting up a small office or connecting multiple locations in different cities, NKOL is here to help. If you are worried about network security, let NKOL show you how you can protect your network from unwanted viruses, malware, or intruders.


NKOL has relationships with many of today’s top vendors for computer related software. There are so many, we can’t name each or list all of our products. If you need software, no matter what the use, please give us a call and we will get it to you.

Some of our primary vendors include Microsoft, Symantec, Intuit, Adobe, Corel and many others.